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Cover for TELE-GEN
special edition
Ed. Stephan Berg et al.


Art and Television
59,00 $ [US]
Cover for Joan Miró
Ed. Kunsthaus Zürich et al.

Joan Miró

Wall, Frieze, Mural
49,95 $ [US]
Cover for The Power of Line
Ed. Gerhard Wolf et al.
49,95 $ [US]
Cover for John Baldessari
Ed. Martin Engler

John Baldessari

The Städel Paintings
49,95 $ [US]
Cover for Christine Ljubanovic

Christine Ljubanovic

Conversation Portraits
39,95 $ [US]
Cover for Monet
Ed. Suzanne Greub


Lost in Translation
55,00 $ [US]
  Werkmeister spent the '60s and '70s photographing jazz luminaries like Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis, which meant he spent an awful lot of time traipsing around New York. So he started taking photos between performances, too, capturing the ...  
The Cut
  Peter van Ham, an authority on early Indo-Tibetan art, has now given us a splendid photographic record of the Tabo masterpieces—undoubtedly the finest pictures we have from this site.  
New York Review of Books
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