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Cover for Barbara Hammer
Ed. Staci Bu Shea et al.

Barbara Hammer

Evidentiary Bodies
29,95 $ [US]
Cover for Set in Stone
Christine Giviskos

Set in Stone

Lithography in Paris, 1815 - 1900
45,00 $ [US]
Cover for Thomas Gainsborough
Ed. Katharina Hoins et al.

Thomas Gainsborough

The Modern Landscape
55,00 $ [US]
Cover for Gerhard Berger
Ed. Jürgen B. Tesch

Gerhard Berger

Between Worlds
49,95 $ [US]
Cover for Splendor and Misery in the Weimar Republic
Ed. Ingrid Pfeiffer

Splendor and Misery in the Weimar Republic

From Otto Dix to Jeanne Mammen
55,00 $ [US]
Cover for Rubens
Ed. Gerlinde Gruber et al.


The Power of Transformation
55,00 $ [US]
  A valuable, affordable survey of this essential artist, giving readers who are unable to travel to Vienna a chance to see a volatile era through Schiele’s scrutinizing spectacles.  
Spectrum Culture
  First public showing of Monet, Rodin and Maillol from Gurlitt trove.  
The New York Times
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