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Cover for Sherrie Levine
Ed. Neues Museum, Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design Nürnberg

Sherrie Levine

After All
60,00 $ [US]
Cover for An Artist´s Life
Eleanor Antin

An Artist´s Life

by Eleanora Antinova
25,00 $ [US]
Cover for Eran Shakine
Ed. Jürgen B. Tesch

Eran Shakine

A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew Knocking on Heaven’s Door
14,95 $ [US]
Cover for Ways Of Pointillism
Ed. Klaus Albrecht Schröder

Ways Of Pointillism

Seurat, Signac, Van Gogh
45,00 $ [US]
Cover for Guge – Ages of Gold
Peter van Ham

Guge – Ages of Gold

The West Tibetan Masterpieces
60,00 $ [US]
Cover for Tony Cragg
Ed. Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

Tony Cragg

Unnatural Selection
34,95 $ [US]
  This is a gorgeous, coffee-table book. Many Mini owners probably do not know the history of their automobile, and The Mini Story could not be told in a more enjoyable format. [With] numerous artistic color photographs interspersed throughout the ...  
  Picasso died in 1973, but he’s still very much with us, and his influence is well-documented in an exhibit at the Grand Palais, Paris, that closes soon. Fortunately, we now have a book, Picasso.Mania, based on the show. With three hundred images ...  
Boston Globe
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