Cover for A Princely Pursuit
Ed. Maria Santangelo

A Princely Pursuit

The Malcolm D. Gutter Collection of Early Meissen Porcelain
"A Princely Pursuit" highlights more than seventy pieces from the Meissen porcelain collection of Malcolm D. Gutter. Promised to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the collection’s roughly 170 works focus on exemplary early examples from the German manufactory and trace the evolution and experimentation of Meissen wares.
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Cover for Russian Lacquer
Monika Kopplin
The Museum of Lacquer Art has what is probably the most important collection of Russian lacquer wares outside Russia. The works of art date to the period between the early nineteenth century and the 1950s, providing an extensive overview of the development of this flourishing art and craft. Monika Kopplin highlights the extraordinary variety of decorative techniques as well as the many stylistic features. The history and art history of Russia are reflected in the small format of the lacquer ...
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Cover for Mohn & Kothgasser
special edition
Paul von Lichtenberg

Mohn & Kothgasser

Transparent bemaltes Biedermeierglas Transparent-Enamelled Biedermeier Glass
This unique reference book compares the artistic glass enamels of Samuel and Gottlob Mohn with those of Anton Kothgasser. The book explores the differences and similarities in decoration and painting by showing important glasses in museums and otherwise inaccessible private collections, with never-before-seen essays, photographs and enlarged details.
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Cover for A Collector's Fortune
Ed. Claus-Peter Haase

A Collector's Fortune

Islamic Art from the Collection of Edmund de Unger Englische Ausgabe
Masterpieces from the world-renowned Keir collection of Islamic art are comprehensively shown, for the first time, in this publication. A selection of 112 exquisite objects instills an appreciation for the wealth and magnificence of oriental art, with a focus on filling gaps between more widely represented styles and periods with particularly rare and unusal finds.
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Cover for The Gallery of Meissen Animals
special edition
Samuel Wittwer

The Gallery of Meissen Animals

Augustus the Strong's Menagerie for the Japanese Palace in Dresden Englische Ausgabe
In 1731, the elector-king Augustus the Strong of Saxony commissioned the Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Meissen to create several hundred life-size porcelain birds and other animals to adourn the Japanese Palace in Dresden. By January 1736, 412 birds and 160 quadrupeds had been delivered His Majesty.
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