Cover for BMW - 100 Masterpieces
Ed. Andreas Braun
BMW will be holding its centenary celebrations in March 2016. Innovative technology, dynamism and sporting elegance – the vehicles of the world-famous manufacturer with its headquarters in Munich have been writing automobile and motorcycle history since 1916. This volume tells of the fascinating success of the company in lively prose and with numerous photographs. 
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Cover for The Pinakothek Museums in Bavaria
Ed. Bernhard Maaz

The Pinakothek Museums in Bavaria

Treasures and Locations of the Bavarian State Painting Collections
The Bavarian State Painting Collections are world famous. Every year visitors from every corner of the globe flock to the Pinakotheken in Munich. But few of them realise that the high-quality stocks of this unique collection extend far beyond the city boundaries. This attractive volume now leads visitors for the first time through all 19 galleries of the State Painting Collections in Bavaria.
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Cover for Herbert Beck

Herbert Beck

For more than thirty years the Tegernsee artist Herbert Beck (1920–2010) created numerous small watercolours which he himself called his miniatures. They arose from scraps of paper on which the painter, while working, wiped off his dripping paintbrush. Out of these random colour combinations Herbert Beck created small compositions in their own right, depicting atmospheric landscapes or expressive figures.
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Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
Ed. Thomas Zuhr

All the Beauty at Hand

A Brief History of Hirmer Publishers
This attractively designed publication documents the work of Hirmer Verlag during the past 65 years. Since 1948 a total of over 1,100 titles have appeared under this brand name. True to the motto “Art books that set standards,” the publishers have always worked in the service of art, upholding their determination to maintain the very highest quality. A book about those who make books and those who sell them, about book art and art books, about partnership with museums and loyalty ...
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Cover for Hans Döllgast
Wolfgang Jean Stock

Hans Döllgast

Creative Reconstruction
The Bavarian architect Hans Döllgast (1891–1974) was accepted into the international canon of modern architecture quite late, but then remained a part of it all the longer. His most important achievements after 1945 were the “creative restorations” of buildings in Munich that had been destroyed by war: the Alte Pinakothek, the Basilica of St. Boniface, and the major municipal cemeteries.
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