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Cover for Museum Schnütgen
Ed. Manuela Beer et al.

Museum Schnütgen

A Survey of the Collection
The new guide to the collection of the Museum Schnütgen offers a compact, chronological overview of the internationally famous, high-quality and multi-faceted collection of the museum. The volume presents some 250 works from the various sections of the collection in an attractive manner and with the latest research findings.
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Cover for James Loeb
Ed. Hermann Mayer et al.

James Loeb

Sammler und Mäzen in München, Murnau und weltweit / Collector and Patron in Munich, Murnau and Beyond
James Loeb (1867–1933), the son of a German-Jewish banker in New York, followed his artistic and art historical inclinations and used his tremendous financial wealth for the purpose of cultural and social philanthropism. This publication examines the patron’s life and work and outlines his scholarly achievements.
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Cover for The Corinthia and the Northeast Peloponnese
Ed. K. Kissas et al.

The Corinthia and the Northeast Peloponnese

Athenaia, 4 Topography and History from Prehistoric Times until the End of Antiquity
Im März 2009 veranstaltete in Loutraki die 37. Ephorie für Prähistorische und Klassische Altertümer in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Direktorat für Prähistorische und Klassische Altertümer des griechischen Kulturministeriums und dem Deutschen Archäologischen Institut Athen die internationale Konferenz, deren Titel dieser Band trägt und bei der Ergebnisse von Forschungen vorgestellt wurden, die einerseits von internationalen Forschungsinstituten und in der ...
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Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
Ed. Thomas Zuhr

All the Beauty at Hand

A Brief History of Hirmer Publishers
This attractively designed publication documents the work of Hirmer Verlag during the past 65 years. Since 1948 a total of over 1,100 titles have appeared under this brand name. True to the motto “Art books that set standards,” the publishers have always worked in the service of art, upholding their determination to maintain the very highest quality. A book about those who make books and those who sell them, about book art and art books, about partnership with museums and loyalty ...
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Cover for Reconstructing the Lansdowne Collection of Classical Marbles
The Lansdowne Collection once included 100 classical sculptures. It was essentially started by Gavin Hamilton (1723–1798), one of the most successful British explorers of the sites of antiquity during the 18th century. His enthusiasm and his acute aesthetic judgement inspired his patrons to assemble the collection for the specially designed gallery in Lansdowne-House.
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