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Painting 19th Century
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Cover for Re-Orientations
Ed. Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft


Europe and Islamic Art from 1851 to Today
The art and architecture of the Islamic world strongly influenced the development of Western modernism. Some 170 works from the mid-19th century to the present day illustrate this fascinating cultural exchange. Beguiling examples of fine and decorative art reflect the diversity of this lively transfer.
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Cover for Monet / Mitchell
Ed. Simon Kelly

Monet / Mitchell

Painting the French Landscape
Monet / Mitchell is the first US exhibition to examine the complex relationship between two of the most experimental painters of the twentieth century: The worldfamous paintings of the preeminent French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926) meet the fascinating gestural brushwork compositions of the leading American artist Joan Mitchell (1925–1992).
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Cover for Silent Rebels
Ed. Roger Diederen et al.

Silent Rebels

Symbolism in Poland around 1900
The turn of the 19th century was a golden age for Polish art. The publication features about 130 masterpieces of painting from this era between nineteenth-century decadence and a new beginning, and describes its roots in Polish history, culture and nature as well as the close connections with wider European art scenes.
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Cover for Thomas Cole's Studio
Franklin Kelly

Thomas Cole's Studio

Memory and Inspiration
In December 1846 Thomas Cole excitedly began work in his new studio, but his early death left his great ambitions unfinished. The studio and its deep impact on future artists is described by renowned Cole scholar, Franklin Kelly and further contributors, bringing new understanding to the critical last phase of Cole’s career.
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Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
Ed. Thomas Zuhr

All the Beauty at Hand

A Brief History of Hirmer Publishers
Founded in 1948, Hirmer Publishers soon established a name for art books produced to the highest standards. Over the past decade they have become equally well-known in English-speaking countries, with a reputation as one of the most prestigious publishers in this field. This survey of English titles from 2010 to 2020 encompasses a wealth of subjects across the centuries, from antiquity to the modern age.  
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Cover for Dreams of Freedom
Ed. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden et al.

Dreams of Freedom

Romanticism in Russia and Germany
Caspar David Friedrich and Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov are the most important artists of the Romantic era in their native countries of Germany and Russia. At the centre of this opulent book are night scenes and moonlit landscapes, views of Dresden and Italy that are full of yearning, and portraits and lovingly depicted interiors by both master painters and their contemporaries.
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Cover for Édouard Vuillard
Ed. Martin Schwander

Édouard Vuillard

Im Louvre - Bilder für eine Basler Villa / In the Louvre – Paintings for a Basel Villa
In 1921/22 Édouard Vuillard created a cycle of six paintings for the entrance hall of the Villa Bauer in Basel. Four large-format pictures show exhibition rooms in the Louvre from Antiquity to French Rococo painting. Two sopraporte provide an intimate insight into the artist’s art collection.
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Cover for Landscapes of Extraction
Ed. Betsy Fahlman

Landscapes of Extraction

The Art of Mining in the American West
"Landscapes of Extraction" explores the art of mining, the transformative industry of the American West, competing in sublimity and striking colour with the natural scenic landscape on its own terms. These landscapes of enterprise altered the natural environment on a spectacular scale, with open pit mines, coal tips and oil rigs.
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Cover for Jacoba van Heemskerck
Ed. Kunsthalle Bielefeld et al.

Jacoba van Heemskerck

Truly Modern
In less than two decades, Jacoba van Heemskerck (1876–1923) created a powerful oeuvre comprising paintings, woodcuts, glass works and mosaics. Her expressive subjects, including landscapes, townscapes and harbour scenes, are characterised by luminosity and increasing transparency, by rhythmical compositions of the pictorial space, black contours and an intensive use of colour.
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Cover for Paula Modersohn-Becker
Frank Laukötter

Paula Modersohn-Becker

The Great Masters of Art
When Paula Modersohn-Becker’s artist friends examined her extensive estate a few weeks after her death, they were overwhelmed. They only gradually realised that in the painter, who had died so young, they had had an outstanding artist in their midst. Modersohn-Becker was largely unrecognised during her lifetime but is regarded today as one of the pioneers of Expressionism.
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