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Cover for Franz Gertsch
Ed. Alexandra Barcal et al.

Franz Gertsch

Looking Back
The internationally famous Swiss artist Franz Gertsch will celebrate his 90th birthday in 2020. The Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich, which has a long-standing relationship with the artist and which is one of the most important presentation locations for his printed works, is taking advantage of this occasion as a reason for an exhibition and a bibliophile jubilee publication.
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Cover for Gerhard Berger
Ed. Jürgen B. Tesch

Gerhard Berger

Between Worlds
In decades of artistic production Gerhard Berger (born in 1933) has arrived at a unique, characteristic visual language. His representation of humans, oscillating between figurative and abstract painting, is rooted in the great myths of humankind and in the religious visual conceptions of the world’s cultures.  
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Cover for Zoran Music
Ed. Gaia Regazzoni Jäggli

Zoran Music

The Braglia Collection
Far from current trends, the painter and graphic artist Zoran Music (1909 - 2005), a native of Slovenia, created an oeuvre that is as moving as it is unusual and that evokes in radical manner a reflection on the inner essence. Music was represented at the Biennale in Venice as well as the documenta and received numerous international awards, including the Prix de Paris.
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Cover for Thomas Huber
Ed. Stephan Berg

Thomas Huber

On The Horizon
What is the place of painted pictures? What is their relevance? And what is their reality? Thomas Huber is an internationally acknowledged painter whose cool picture constructions, mostly devoid of humans, circle around these questions. In meticulously composed, surreal-looking scenarios he creates a world of paradox combinations and reflections that challenge reality.
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Cover for Mr Radley Drives to Vienna
John Kennedy

Mr Radley Drives to Vienna

A Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost crossing the Alps - 1913 & 2013
In the early summer of 1913 a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was the first to reach the destination of the Österreichische Alpenfahrt rally. On the occasion of the onehundred-year anniversary of the rally in 2013 the same automobile drove along the same 2,613-kilometre route to Vienna. With a touch of British humour, this volume documents the adventurous journey by juxtaposing old and new photographs.
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Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
Ed. Thomas Zuhr

All the Beauty at Hand

A Brief History of Hirmer Publishers
Founded in 1948, Hirmer Publishers soon established a name for art books produced to the highest standards. Over the past decade they have become equally well-known in English-speaking countries, with a reputation as one of the most prestigious publishers in this field. This survey of English titles from 2010 to 2020 encompasses a wealth of subjects across the centuries, from antiquity to the modern age.  
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released on 01/2022
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