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Cover for Made Realities
Ed. Draiflessen Collection

Made Realities

Photographs by Thomas Demand, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Andreas Gursky and Jeff Wall
Recognising strangeness in familiar objects, the present in the past, the construed in what is authentic – the four masterly photographers show excerpts from our world in which the boundary between reality and imagination becomes blurred. From fleeting everyday scenes to mysterious happenings and historical events, they reveal a complex and multi-layered reality.
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Cover for Louis Alphonse Poitevin
Daniel Blau
Louis Alphonse Poitevin was an outstanding inventor, chemist, engineer, scientist, artist and photographer. This publication provides a unique opportunity to cast a wide-ranging gaze at the life and work of the famous pioneer of photography on the basis of a large number of photographs and the results of the latest research.
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Cover for About Us
Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek et al.

About Us

Young Photography in China
What does photography tell us about the lifestyles and mentality in China in the face of the rapid social change? Artists in search of their identity explore the medium of photography experimentally and provide insight into the individual complex worlds of emotions and experiences of their generation.
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Cover for Faces - The Power of the Human Visage
Ed. Walter Moser

Faces - The Power of the Human Visage

Helmar Lerski and Portrait Photography between the Wars
Starting with Helmar Lerski’s outstanding photo series "Metamorphosis through Light" from 1935/36, the magnificent volume "Faces – The Power of the Human Visage" presents portraits from the era of the Weimar Republic. The photographs taken by the photographers of the 1920s and 1930s achieved a radical renewal of portrait photography.
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Cover for Elina Brotherus
Ed. Ingo Clauß

Elina Brotherus

Why not?
Diary-like series, landscape photos and situational mood pictures – Elina Brotherus (*1972 in Helsinki) is constantly searching for new possibilities in photography. This lavishly illustrated volume with related essays pursues the latest developments. Here the Finnish photo artist combines a keen intellect with humorous lightness and technical precision with joyous spontaneity.
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Cover for Textures
Ed. Tameka Ellington et al.


The History and Art of Black Hair
The book synthesizes research in history, fashion, art and visual culture to reassess the hair story of peoples of African descent. Long a fraught topic for African Americans and others in the diaspora, Black hair is here addressed by artists, barbers and activists in both its historical perceptions and its ramifications for self and society today.
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Cover for Bukowski. The Shooting
Glenn Esterly et al.

Bukowski. The Shooting

By Abe Frajndlich
Charles Bukowski, the "dirty old man" of American literature whose poems and prose are closely interwoven with his life – how does one go about portraying a person like that? In 1985, the young photographer Abe Frajndlich took on this challenge. We can say this much: it was not a job that could be accomplished in one shot. The Shooting presents a photographer’s attempt to zero in on a legend.
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Cover for John Heartfield
Ed. Angela Lammert et al.

John Heartfield

Photography plus Dynamite
The political collages of John Heartfield (1891–1968) have earned him a reputation as one of the most innovative graphic artists of the Weimar Republic. His photomontages and book covers based on collages which had their origins in Berlin’s Dada scene were directed against Fascism and made him internationally famous. Their explosive power has lost none of its impact.
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Cover for László Moholy-Nagy
Hans-Michael Koetzle

László Moholy-Nagy

The Great Masters of Art
László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946), painter, photographer, Bauhaus teacher and founder of the “New Bauhaus” and the “School of Design” in Chicago, is one of the most important artist personalities of the modern age. As one of the first artists to work in multiple media, who practised painting, sculpture, photography, film and design as equally valid art genres, he set standards which are still relevant today.
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Cover for Juul Kraijer
Ed. Ina Fuchs et al.

Juul Kraijer

Zweiheit / Twoness
The publication provides an overview of the fascinating work of the contemporary Dutch artist Juul Kraijer. Her monumental drawings, photographs, sculptures and video works sound out and dissolve the boundaries of the human body and show hybrid creatures between animal and human. 
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