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Arts and Crafts
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Cover for John Martin
Ed. Creative Growth Art Center

John Martin

A Self-Portrait
Fish become knives, alligators become saws, the artist himself becomes a Nokia phone – John Martin is one of the most fascinating contemporary Black American artists working today. The publication builds an understanding of and appreciation for his unique visual language and work outside of the arts and disability communities.
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Cover for Fish Hooks of the Pacific Islands Vol II
The fish hook derives its form from its practical intention - to catch a fish. But in cultures where fishing is and always has been a main livelihood, the crafting of fish hooks becomes an art. "Fish Hooks of the Pacific islands Vol. II" completes the extensive and in-depth discourse of the first volume. Together they are the first extensive reference on Pacific fish hooks since the publication of Harry  Beasley’s 1928 Pacific Island Record: Fishhooks, which was printed in ...
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Cover for Sonya Clark
Ed. Elissa Auther et al.

Sonya Clark

We Are Each Other
This is the first publication to document and contextualise Clark’s large-scale, collaborative art works. These projects demonstrate Clark’s career-long commitment to addressing the urgent issue of racial inequality in U.S. society and her philosophy of creatively engaging the viewer in reflection on the nation’s history of slavery and our roles in dismantling systemic racism today.
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Cover for Kanishka Raja
Ed. Lisa Fischman
Kanishka Raja’s ravishingly patterned work, as the artist put it, “explores the intersection of representation, craft, technology, and the gaps that occur in the transmission of information.” Conceptually heady and aesthetically alluring, Raja’s I and I series combines painting with woven, scanned, printed, embroidered and reproduced counterparts.
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Cover for Fascinating Glass
Dietrich Götze et al.

Fascinating Glass

The Renate and Dietrich Götze Collection
Glass is a magical material through which light can shine. Throughout its millennial history, its colourful splendour and malleability have always exerted a particular fascination and a creative attraction. The book offers a profound and lavishly documented panorama of artistic glass design in Europe and the United States since the 1870s.
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Cover for Inspired by Country
Ed. Michaela Appel et al.

Inspired by Country

Bark Paintings from Northern Australia
The Gerd and Helga Plewig Collection of Bark Paintings from Northern Australia with works mainly from the 1950s to 1970s is currently considered the best collection of its kind outside of Australia. It includes works from the Kimberley, Wadeye, the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Groote Eylandt by artists like Yirawala, Mawalan Marika and Mungurrawuy Yunupingu.
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Cover for Here, Now
Ed. Dakota Hoska et al.

Here, Now

Indigenous Arts of North America at the Denver Art Museum
"Here, Now: Indigenous Arts of North America at the Denver Art Museum" features 200 of the museum’s most notable Indigenous artworks. It reinterprets the collection and reveals new insights into the historic and contemporary work of Indigenous artists. Contributions by Indigenous authors reflect on the collection and current issues.
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Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
Ed. Thomas Zuhr

All the Beauty at Hand

A Brief History of Hirmer Publishers
Founded in 1948, Hirmer Publishers soon established a name for art books produced to the highest standards. Over the past decade they have become equally well-known in English-speaking countries, with a reputation as one of the most prestigious publishers in this field. This survey of English titles from 2010 to 2020 encompasses a wealth of subjects across the centuries, from antiquity to the modern age.  
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Cover for Florine Stettheimer
Barbara Bloemink
This first full biography confirms Florine Stettheimer as one of the 20th century’s most significant, progressive artists whose work remains highly relevant today. Stettheimer was a feminist and a multi-media artist who painted several sexually explicit, political works examining identity issues documenting New York City’s growth as the center of cultural life, finance, and entertainment between the World Wars..
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Cover for Iran
Ed. Ute Franke et al.


Five Millennia of Art and Culture
Lying between deserts, mountain chains and seas, Iran developed a fascinating cultural landscape. 360 objects from the time of the first advanced civilisations during the 3rd millennium BC until the end of the Safavid Empire in the early 18th century illustrate the outstanding significance of Iran as the initiator and centre of intercultural exchange.
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