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Cover for Gianni Caravaggio
Ed. Holger Kube Ventura et al.

Gianni Caravaggio

When Nature was Young - Als Natur jung war
35,00 $ [US]
Cover for Tell me about yesterday tomorrow
Ed. Nicolaus Schafhausen et al.

Tell me about yesterday tomorrow

About the Future of the Past
29,95 $ [US]
Cover for Heinz Mack
Ed. Beat Wyss

Heinz Mack

Skulpturen - Sculptures. 2003 - 2020
85,00 $ [US]
Cover for Pavel Odvody

Pavel Odvody

40,00 $ [US]
Cover for Jacobus Vrel
Ed. Quentin Buvelot et al.

Jacobus Vrel

Looking for Clues of an Enigmatic Painter
50,00 $ [US]
Cover for Paula Modersohn-Becker
Ed. Ingrid Pfeiffer
60,00 $ [US]
  With this book, you can’t go wrong whether giving or receiving.  
LA Weekly
  The volume’s three editors present a monograph-cum-catalogue raisonné that examines Vrel’s oeuvre from different angles and contributes significantly to our understanding of this elusive painter.  
Art History News
  The Pakistani artist Shahzia Sikander helped create a whole new genre of painting.  
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