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Cover for Wilhelm Leibl
Marianne von Manstein et al.

Wilhelm Leibl

The Art of Seeing
50,00 $ [US]
Cover for Fantastic Women
Ed. Ingrid Pfeiffer

Fantastic Women

Surreal Worlds from Meret Oppenheim to Frida Kahlo
60,00 $ [US]
Cover for Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Hodler
Ed. Matthias Frehner et al.

Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Hodler

The Hahnloser Collection
50,00 $ [US]
Cover for Cinemas
Ed. Christoph Wagner


From Babylon Berlin to La Rampa Havana
39,95 $ [US]
Cover for New West
Leslie Erganian et al.
65,00 $ [US]
Cover for Taking Shape
Ed. Lynn Gumpert et al.

Taking Shape

Abstraction from the Arab World, 1950s-1980s
50,00 $ [US]
  This book will find its place in future scholarship on the history of collecting.  
CHOICE connect
  A rare opportunity to experience Pelton's profoundly spiritual body of work and to confirm her place in art history.  
Arte por Excelencias
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