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Cover for Queer Holdings
Ed. Gonzalo Casals et al.

Queer Holdings

A Survey of the Leslie-Lohman Museum Collection
32,00 £ [UK]
Cover for Architects on Architects
Ed. Dietrich Fink et al.
24,95 £ [UK]
Cover for Now!
Ed. Stephan Berg et al.


Painting in Germany Today
45,00 £ [UK]
Cover for Basquiat by Himself
Ed. Dieter Buchhart et al.
39,95 £ [UK]
Cover for Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection
Ed. Hilti Art Foundation

Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection

Vol. 2: Art from 1950 to the Present Day
ca. 45,00 £ [UK]
Cover for Cinemas
Ed. Christoph Wagner


From Babylon Berlin to La Rampa Havana
35,00 £ [UK]
  More than 70 percent of works on show in “Point of No Return” are loans, many from the artists themselves. That allows for plenty of discoveries.  
New York Times
  A detailed compendium.  
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