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Cultural History

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  • Cover for Iran
  • Cover for Sesson Shūkei
  • Cover for Dreams of Freedom
  • Cover for Anna Atkins
  • Cover for Tell me about yesterday tomorrow
  • Cover for Landscapes of Extraction
  • Cover for Maiolica in Renaissance Venice
  • Cover for The Reconstruction of Berlin Palace
  • Cover for The Aesthetics of Marble
  • Cover for Global Groove
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Cultural history
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Cover for Iran
Ed. Ute Franke et al.


Five Millennia of Art and Culture
Lying between deserts, mountain chains and seas, Iran developed a fascinating cultural landscape. 360 objects from the time of the first advanced civilisations during the 3rd millennium BC until the end of the Safavid Empire in the early 18th century illustrate the outstanding significance of Iran as the initiator and centre of intercultural exchange.
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45,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Sesson Shūkei
Ed. Frank Feltens et al.

Sesson Shūkei

A Zen Monk-Painter in Medieval Japan
Three essays by leading scholars in the field of Japanese art explore Sesson Shūkei’s unique life and unconventional painting style, as well as how scholarly perceptions of the artist have changed over time. Fifty-three entries highlight major works by Sesson as well as those by other artists before, during, and after his time.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Dreams of Freedom
Ed. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden et al.

Dreams of Freedom

Romanticism in Russia and Germany
Caspar David Friedrich and Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov are the most important artists of the Romantic era in their native countries of Germany and Russia. At the centre of this opulent book are night scenes and moonlit landscapes, views of Dresden and Italy that are full of yearning, and portraits and lovingly depicted interiors by both master painters and their contemporaries.
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49,95 £ [UK]
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Cover for Anna Atkins
Rolf Sachsse

Anna Atkins

Blue Prints
The English illustrator Anna Atkins (1799–1871) was in every respect a modern woman. For the publication of her plant collections she used the latest technology, the recently invented cyanotype. In 1843 she used the process to create the first photo book in history, with images of breathtaking beauty and originality which often look like modern art.
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15,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Tell me about yesterday tomorrow
Ed. Nicolaus Schafhausen et al.

Tell me about yesterday tomorrow

About the Future of the Past
Historical events and our knowledge of them mould our understanding of today’s world. The interdisciplinary authorship of this volume focuses on the connection between past and future. A bold and unusual publication whose approaches and themes extend from biographical experiences via intergenerational exchange to the discussion of current social phenomena.
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24,95 £ [UK]
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Cover for Landscapes of Extraction
Ed. Betsy Fahlman

Landscapes of Extraction

The Art of Mining in the American West
"Landscapes of Extraction" explores the art of mining, the transformative industry of the American West, competing in sublimity and striking colour with the natural scenic landscape on its own terms. These landscapes of enterprise altered the natural environment on a spectacular scale, with open pit mines, coal tips and oil rigs.
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35,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Maiolica in Renaissance Venice
Ed. Karine Tsoumis

Maiolica in Renaissance Venice

Ceramics and Luxury at the Crossroads
"Global Luxury in Renaissance Venice" offers an unprecedented exploration of maiolica in the Serenissima set in a vibrant context of hybridity and exchange. Versatile and receptive to all forms of decoration, the medium of maiolica offers a unique point of entry into Venice’s material world as it was shaped by Mediterranean trade and local luxury production.
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39,95 £ [UK]
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Cover for The Reconstruction of Berlin Palace
Ed. Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

The Reconstruction of Berlin Palace

Façade, Architecture and Sculpture
The reconstructed Berlin Palace in the heart of the German capital is both a monument of Baroque architecture and a vital new cultural building in the city. The art history, architecture and sculpture of the palace’s masterful façades by Andreas Schlüter are brought to life here in words and pictures.
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19,95 £ [UK]
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Cover for The Aesthetics of Marble
Ed. Dario Gamboni et al.

The Aesthetics of Marble

From Late Antiquity to the Present
This magnificent book sheds new light on the celebration and uses of marble in art and literature and on the iconic potential of the stone. With 240 color illustrations, it showcases the marble cladding of architecture, the carving of marble and painting on stone, their political and philosophical connotations, and the de- and re-materialising of marble made possible by digital technology.
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55,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Global Groove
Ed. Museum Folkwang

Global Groove

Art, Dance, Performance & Protest
Which influences between the West and the Far East have shaped the history of dance? A vivid chronicle of artistic contacts between the cultures has developed, from early performances of Asian dancers at colonial exhibitions in Europe and pioneers of modern dance via first happenings of Japanese Butoh dancers to contemporary performances.
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45,00 £ [UK]
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