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Forthcoming Books
  • Cover for Santiago Calatrava in the Glyptothek
  • Cover for Wiebke Siem
  • Cover for Americans in Paris
  • Cover for Mack - Sahara
  • Cover for Catching the Moment
  • Cover for Ai Weiwei
  • Cover for René Myrha
  • Cover for Here, Now
  • Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
  • Cover for Wolfgang Laib in Florence
  • Cover for Wolfgang Laib a Firenze
  • Cover for Imagining Sculpture
  • Cover for Johann Gottfried Schadow
  • Cover for Stommeln Synagogue
  • Cover for STOA169
  • Cover for Appropriation and Invention
  • Cover for Chakaia Booker
  • Cover for Kinship
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Cover for Santiago Calatrava in the Glyptothek
Ed. Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz et al.
Santiago Calatrava’s (* 1951) encounter with the sculpture collection at the Glyptothek in Munich thirty years ago prompted him to create an extensive series of sculptures with the title Die Aegineten (The Aeginetans). This volume focuses attention for the first time on the sculptures and paintings of the famous architect and shows how he was influenced by Antiquity.
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34,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Wiebke Siem
Ed. Kunstmuseum Bonn et al.

Wiebke Siem

Das maximale - The Maximum Minimum
Wiebke Siem (b. 1954 in Kiel), who was awarded the prestigious Goslar Kaiserring in 2014, is an important representative of contemporary art with an oeuvre that questions the boundaries between the genres of fashion, design and sculpture and engages in a rewriting of the history of modern art from a female perspective that is as knowledgeable as it is humorous.
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35,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Americans in Paris
Ed. Debra Bricker Balken et al.

Americans in Paris

Artists Working in Postwar France, 1946-1962
"Americans in Paris: Artists Working in Postwar France, 1946–1962" delves into the various circles of artists who lived in France following World War II. Featuring new scholarship and illuminating essays, this groundbreaking volume illustrates many of the paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photos, and films produced during these fertile years.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Mack - Sahara
Sophia Sotke

Mack - Sahara

From ZERO to Land Art. Heinz Mack's "Sahara Project” (1959–1997)
Heinz Mack’s Sahara Project is legendary. In 1968 he installed for the first time light columns with a height of up to 11 metres which reflected and mirrored the glaring sunlight in the Tunisian desert. Nature and object fused to create an artwork of breathtaking beauty. This comprehensive volume records the history and ideas of this spectacular project over four decades.
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25,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Catching the Moment
Ed. Elizabeth Wyckoff

Catching the Moment

Contemporary Art from the Ted L. and Maryanne Ellison Simmons Collection
The catalogue highlights the depth and relevance of the exceptional collection acquired from St. Louis collectors Ted L. and Maryanne Ellison Simmons. The artworks address a broad array of contemporary cultural issues and participate in many discourses of art from the 1960s to the present.
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38,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Ai Weiwei
Ed. Dieter Buchhart et al.

Ai Weiwei

In Search of Humanity
Ai Weiwei is not only one of the most important contemporary artists; he is also an untiring activist and critic of authoritarian systems. "In Search of Humanity" presents a comprehensive overview of all phases of the artist’s oeuvre and includes a number of hitherto unpublished works. The book design in the form of a block of marble makes this an unusual volume.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for René Myrha
Ed. Helen Hirsch et al.

René Myrha

A Singular Universe
At the centre of René Myrha’s (*1939) expressive oeuvre lie landscapes and rigorous compositional room perspectiveswhich are transformed into stage-like settings. They form the scenery for the choreography of his figures. Myrha examines them through specific media in drawings, oil, acrylic, sculpture and reliefs.
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29,95 £ [UK]
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Cover for Here, Now
Ed. Dakota Hoska et al.

Here, Now

Indigenous Arts of North America at the Denver Art Museum
"Here, Now: Indigenous Arts of North America at the Denver Art Museum" features 200 of the museum’s most notable Indigenous artworks. It reinterprets the collection and reveals new insights into the historic and contemporary work of Indigenous artists. Contributions by Indigenous authors reflect on the collection and current issues.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
Ed. Thomas Zuhr

All the Beauty at Hand

A Brief History of Hirmer Publishers
Founded in 1948, Hirmer Publishers soon established a name for art books produced to the highest standards. Over the past decade they have become equally well-known in English-speaking countries, with a reputation as one of the most prestigious publishers in this field. This survey of English titles from 2010 to 2020 encompasses a wealth of subjects across the centuries, from antiquity to the modern age.  
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13,95 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Wolfgang Laib in Florence
Ed. Sergio Risalti et al.

Wolfgang Laib in Florence

Without Time – Without Place – Without Body
In 2019, Wolfgang Laib entered into a dialogue with masterpieces by Fra Angelico, Leon Battista Alberti, Filippo Brunelleschi and Benozzo Gozzoli in his philosophical and poetic installations of pollen and beeswax. The publication documents impressively this unique and spectacular art event.
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39,95 £ [UK]
  In stock
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