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Forthcoming Books
  • Cover for Ruth Baumgarte
  • Cover for Rethinking Kirchner
  • Cover for Relations
  • Cover for Gerald Clarke
  • Cover for Xenia Hausner
  • Cover for Paintings on Stone
  • Cover for My Generation
  • Cover for Helmut Sturm
  • Cover for Isabelle Dyckerhoff
  • Cover for Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection
  • Cover for Johannes Itten and Thun
  • Cover for Folklore & Avant-Garde
  • Cover for We Haven’t Seen Each Other For So Long
  • Cover for Kairouan
  • Cover for Decadence and Dark Dreams
  • Cover for Miniaturen der Zeit Napoleons aus der Sammlung Tansey / Miniatures from the Time of Napoleon in the Tansey Collection
  • Cover for Hans Purrmann
  • Cover for Picasso & Les Femmes D`Alger
  • Cover for Jacobus Vrel
  • Cover for Jacobus Vrel
  • Cover for Tell me about <s>yesterday</s> tomorrow
  • Cover for Dreams of Freedom
  • Cover for Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
  • Cover for Johannes Itten
  • Cover for Phyllida Barlow
  • Cover for Jacoba van Heemskerck
  • Cover for All the Beauty at Hand
  • Cover for Shahzia Sikander
  • Cover for Rubens's Great Landscape with a Tempest
  • Cover for Egon Schiele. Catalogue raisonné
  • Cover for Raphael and the Madonna
  • Cover for Florine Stettheimer
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Cover for Ruth Baumgarte
Ed. Wiebke Steinmetz et al.

Ruth Baumgarte

Werde, die du bist! Lebenskunst / Become Who You Are! The Art of Living
During a period of radical change, Ruth Baumgarte (1923–2013) created an artistic oeuvre in which humankind and its fragile existence form the main area of focus. This volume introduces her as a passionate creator of drawings, a versatile applied graphic artist and an expressive painter.
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35,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Rethinking Kirchner
Ed. Annick Haldemann et al.
A major conference was held in 2018 in Davos, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s elective home, to mark the 80th anniversary of the artist’s death. The lavishly illustrated volume accompanying the event brings together international experts who present their approach to Kirchner’s creative work, thereby providing a multi-faceted overview of an œuvre that has lost none of its topicality to this day.
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ca. 39,95 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Relations
Ed. Cheryl Sim


Diaspora and Painting / La diaspora et la peinture
This richly illustrated volume explores the multiple and evolving meanings of diaspora, its condition, and its experiences as expressed through painting. The book, based on an exhibition held at the Phi Foundation brings together artists who address questions of diaspora from diverse perspectives, methodologies, and aesthetic languages.
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42,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Gerald Clarke
Ed. David Evans Frantz et al.

Gerald Clarke

Falling Rock
This survey brings together three decades of work by contemporary Native American artist Gerald Clarke (Cahuilla). Utilising wit and humour to expose historical and present-day injustice, Clarke brings a decolonial perspective to urgent cultural and political issues facing our world.
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45,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Xenia Hausner
Ed. Elsy Lahner et al.

Xenia Hausner

True Lies Englische Ausgabe
Xenia Hausner ranks among the most important Austrian painters of our time. This splendid volume focuses on the aspect of stagecraft which characterizes all her works. Starting from the early paintings of the 1990s up to her moving Exiles series, the publication lures us into a female world filled with mysterious interpersonal relationships.
» further information
45,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Paintings on Stone
Ed. Judith W. Mann

Painting on Stone

Science and the Sacred 1530–1800
Paintings on Stone: Science and the Sacred examines a fascinating tradition long overlooked by art historians – stone surfaces used to create stunning portraits, mythological scenes, and sacred images. Written by an international team of scholars, the catalogue reveals the significance of these paintings, their complex meanings, and their technical virtuosity.
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49,95 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for My Generation
Ed. Rafael Jablonka et al.

My Generation

The Jablonka Collection
The Jablonka Collection is regarded as one of the highest-profile holdings of American and German art of the 1980s. In this catalogue the art dealer, gallerist and curator Rafael Jablonka (*1951) provides for the first time an insight into his wide-ranging collection, which is dedicated primarily to artists of his own generation.
» further information
39,95 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Helmut Sturm
Ed. Pia Dornacher et al.

Helmut Sturm

Subverting the Real
Helmut Sturm’s paintings radiate powerful colours and forms, yet are simultaneously both lyrically tender and poetical. He developed his individual pictorial language in a study of Cubism and Art "Informel" as well as artists like Max Beckmann, Asger Jorn and Willem de Kooning. The publication pays tribute to one of the most important witnesses of abstract-expressive painting in Germany.
» further information
39,95 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Isabelle Dyckerhoff
Ed. Contempo Rotterdam et al.

Isabelle Dyckerhoff

on canvas / on paper
How can you paint colour? That is the question which the Munich artist Isabelle Dyckerhoff asks herself anew before every picture. The material presence of colour, its expressive power and spatial effect are characteristic for her works on canvas and paper, which are presented together in this volume for book lovers.
» further information
50,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
Cover for Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection
Ed. Hilti Art Foundation

Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection

Vol. 2: Art from 1950 to the Present Day
The private art collection of the Hilti Art Foundation includes over 200 top-quality paintings, sculptures and photographs from Classical Modernism to the present day. Volume 2 of the two-part catalogue of the collection presents 120 selected works from the middle of the twentieth century to the present day, from Josef Albers to Thomas Struth.
» further information
45,00 £ [UK]
  In stock
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