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Contemporary Art

Forthcoming Books
  • Cover for Illegal
  • Cover for Manual for Survival
  • Cover for Hex
  • Cover for Kunst Museum Winterthur
  • Cover for Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects
  • Cover for Viktor&Rolf
  • Cover for John Martin
  • Cover for Victoria-Idongesit Udondian
  • Cover for Peter Halley
  • Cover for Yury Kharchenko
  • Cover for Monika Fioreschy
  • Cover for George Segal
  • Cover for Samia Halaby
  • Cover for Xican-a.o.x. Body
  • Cover for Fade Away
  • Cover for Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects
  • Cover for Katharina Grosse
  • Cover for Calatrava
  • Cover for Early Warning Systems
  • Cover for Anne Duk Hee Jordan
  • Cover for Mack Reflected
  • Cover for Paula Rego
  • Cover for Erwin Wurm
  • Cover for In the Company of Artists
  • Cover for Robert Longo
  • Cover for Narrative Wisdom and African Arts
  • Cover for Zigi Ben-Haim
  • Cover for Legendary Selections from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
  • Cover for Mark. Sonya Kelliher-Combs
  • Cover for Paul Rotterdam
  • Cover for David Katzenstein
  • Cover for Sherrie Nickol
Contemporary art
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Cover for Illegal
Ed. Ulrich Blanché


Street Art Graffiti 1960–1995
Wild, free and ephemeral – street art and graffiti are a worldwide phenomenon. From Brassaï, who led graffiti into mainstream art around 1960, via the 'Sprayer of Zurich' in the 1970s to the first Banksy works in the UK – 'Illegal' tells a prehistory of street art and graffiti.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Manual for Survival
Ed. Georg Diez et al.
Survival is a common practice. We cannot do it alone; we need each other. We need tools and practices that help us to connect, to understand to build, to survive in this age of climate crisis, technological upheaval, existential pain. We need words and values and ideas that extend beyond the human space. We need to learn; and we need to unlearn. We need a Manual for Survival.
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32,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Hex
Ed. Valentina Fogher


Through my Hands I See
For Hex (b. 1964), found steel objects are often the basic material for his abstract sculptures. With the help of welding equipment, angle grinder, hammer and polishing machine, he creates beautifully shaped and extremely impressive works of art – sometimes small and sometimes monumental. Today, works by him can be found in collections but also in public places worldwide. This book gives an overview of his works of the last 10 years.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Kunst Museum Winterthur
Ed. Konrad Bitterli et al.
Following the merger of three important Winterthur collections to form the Kunst Museum Winterthur, this volume presents the highlights of the three museums for the first time in splendidly illustrated form: from Rembrandt to Caspar David Friedrich to Vincent van Gogh; from Pablo Picasso to Alberto Giacometti; and from Sophie Taueber-Arp to Isa Genzken and Gerhard Richter.
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50,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects
Ed. David Evans Frantz et al.

Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects

Softcover Edition
Surveying over four centuries, this volume brings together a wide-ranging selection of artworks and artefacts that highlight under-recognised histories of trans and gender-nonconforming communities. Through the contributions of artists, writers, poets, activists, and scholars, this title reflects on historical erasure to imagine trans futures.
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35,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Viktor&Rolf
Ed. Thierry-Maxime Loriot


Fashion Statements
For more than three decades, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have been exploring with breathtaking virtuosity the boundaries between the worlds of haute couture and art. The book reflects the duo’s passions, obsessions and singular vision of their unconventional approach to design.
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50,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for John Martin
Ed. Creative Growth Art Center

John Martin

A Self-Portrait
Fish become knives, alligators become saws, the artist himself becomes a Nokia phone – John Martin is one of the most fascinating contemporary Black American artists working today. The publication builds an understanding of and appreciation for his unique visual language and work outside of the arts and disability communities.
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39,95 £ [UK]
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Cover for Victoria-Idongesit Udondian
Ed. Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie

Victoria-Idongesit Udondian

How Can I Be Nobody
This is the first publication to document and contextualise Udondian’s creative interrogation of textiles and shifting cultural identities within a global trade system, characterised by transnational movement of goods and people from one part of the world to the other.
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32,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Peter Halley
Robert Hobbs

Peter Halley

A Monograph
In the 1980s, Peter Halley revitalised painting by relying on sociology and science fiction. He employed fluorescent colours and Roll-A-Tex to deconstruct early and mid-twentieth-century transcendent geometric abstraction into abstract cells and prisons and by adding conduits to imaginatively access outside forces.
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42,00 £ [UK]
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Cover for Yury Kharchenko
Ed. Yury Kharchenko

Yury Kharchenko

Painting 2018 – 2023
Yury Kharchenko is an outstanding representative of contemporary painting. He creates works in cycles which reflect his profound connections with existential themes like darkness and light. He combines masterful colourfulness with dense substance to create a unique pictorial language ranging from the poetic to the strident. This volume illustrates his works from the last six years lavishly, together with knowledgeable texts.
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45,00 £ [UK]
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