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Cover for Stéphane Zaech
Ed. Mirjam Fischer et al.

Stéphane Zaech

Cover for Arnulf Rainer
Helmut Friedel

Arnulf Rainer

Rosarot Himmelblau
Cover for Monet / Mitchell
Ed. Simon Kelly

Monet / Mitchell

Painting the French Landscape
Cover for Monuments and Myths
Ed. Andrew Eschelbacher

Monuments and Myths

The America of Sculptors Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French
Cover for Re-Orientations
Ed. Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft


Europe and Islamic Art from 1851 to Today
Cover for Kristin Bauer
Ed. Kristin Bauer et al.

Kristin Bauer

This Is Like That 2017-2020
  The book is a welcome, deferential consideration of Pelton’s work. At last, artists like her, who come from outside the mainstream traditions of 20th century art, are getting the art history they deserve.  
  The catalogue is a commendable display of prints, sketches, sculptures, and photographs by contemporary artists.  
Hyperallergic Magazine
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