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Ed. Alexander Eiling et al.
Cover for There Where You Are Not
Ed. Finbarr Barry Flood

There Where You Are Not

Selected Writings of Kamal Boullata
Cover for John Heartfield
Ed. Angela Lammert et al.

John Heartfield

Photography plus Dynamite
Cover for Wilhelm Leibl
Marianne von Manstein et al.

Wilhelm Leibl

The Art of Seeing
Cover for Astrid Lowack
Ed. Dr. Marion Bornscheuer

Astrid Lowack

The Elements of Transcendence
Cover for Elvira Lantenhammer
Ed. Zweigstelle Berlin

Elvira Lantenhammer

Color Siteplan
  This book will find its place in future scholarship on the history of collecting.  
CHOICE connect
  A rare opportunity to experience Pelton's profoundly spiritual body of work and to confirm her place in art history.  
Arte por Excelencias
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