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Cover for Hans Purrmann
Christoph Wagner

Hans Purrmann

The Great Masters of Art
Cover for Jacobus Vrel
Ed. Quentin Buvelot et al.

Jacobus Vrel

Looking for Clues of an Enigmatic Painter
Cover for Tense Conditions
Ed. Alessandra Nappo et al.

Tense Conditions

A Presentation of the Contemporary Art Collection
Cover for Hermann Stenner
Christoph Wagner

Hermann Stenner

A Pioneer of German Expressionism
Cover for Heinz Mack
Ed. Beat Wyss

Heinz Mack

Skulpturen - Sculptures. 2003 - 2020
Cover for Oscar Muñoz
Ed. Vanessa K. Davidson

Oscar Muñoz

  With this book, you can’t go wrong whether giving or receiving.  
LA Weekly
  The volume’s three editors present a monograph-cum-catalogue raisonné that examines Vrel’s oeuvre from different angles and contributes significantly to our understanding of this elusive painter.  
Art History News
  The Pakistani artist Shahzia Sikander helped create a whole new genre of painting.  
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