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Cover for Mark. Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Ed. Julie Decker
Sonya Kelliher-Combs was raised in the Northwest Alaska community of Nome. Her work has been shown in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Alaska, the United States and internationally. She offers through her mixed media painting and sculpture a chronicle of the ongoing struggle for self-definition and identity in the Alaskan context.
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Cover for SEX. Jewish Positions
Ed. Miriam Goldmann et al.
Sensuous, bold and topical – this volume with its varied illustrations studies the entire spectrum of Jewish ideas about sexuality. In doing so it examines widely-held and contradictory stereotypes, according to which Jewish tradition either supports sexuality or restricts it through stringent regulations.
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Cover for Hex
Ed. Valentina Fogher


Through my Hands I See
For Hex (b. 1964), found steel objects are often the basic material for his abstract sculptures. With the help of welding equipment, angle grinder, hammer and polishing machine, he creates beautifully shaped and extremely impressive works of art – sometimes small and sometimes monumental. Today, works by him can be found in collections but also in public places worldwide. This book gives an overview of his works of the last 10 years.
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Cover for Kunst Museum Winterthur
Ed. Konrad Bitterli et al.
Following the merger of three important Winterthur collections to form the Kunst Museum Winterthur, this volume presents the highlights of the three museums for the first time in splendidly illustrated form: from Rembrandt to Caspar David Friedrich to Vincent van Gogh; from Pablo Picasso to Alberto Giacometti; and from Sophie Taueber-Arp to Isa Genzken and Gerhard Richter.
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Cover for Otto Piene
Ed. Museum Tinguely

Otto Piene

Wege zum Paradies. Paths to Paradise
Otto Piene (1928−2014) aimed high with his art: to shape a more peaceful, and sustainable world. His expansive view explored new media and projected aesthetic forms and experiences into new spatial realms. This volume presents new scholarship on the development of his imaginative approaches to interlace art, science, and nature and uncover strategies of coping in an increasingly uncertain world.
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Cover for George Segal
Ed. Donna Gustafson

George Segal

Themes and Variations
George Segal’s ghostly figures are immediately recognisable, even by those who don’t know the artist’s name. Some are installed in public spaces, as if participating in the world at large. This book explores his revolutionary technique of casting from live models, as well as his work across a variety of media, presenting him as a restless innovator.
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Cover for Let’s go equal
Ed. Katharina Cibulka et al.

Let’s go equal

The Solange Project
Since 2018, Katharina Cibulka and her team have been mounting hand-embroidered scaffolding nets on well-frequented, prominent construction sites, inviting the public to join the conversation on feminist issues. Each sentence begins with "As long as..." and ends with "...I will be a feminist", addressing existing inequalities.  
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Cover for Käthe Kollwitz
Josephine Gabler

Käthe Kollwitz

The Great Masters of Art
Käthe Kollwitz is the woman artist from 20th-century Germany whose works are best-known internationally. She also enjoys the highest esteem beyond the boundaries of Europe. The inimitable, touching language of her graphic and sculptural works is universally understood and her haunting message is more topical than ever.
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Cover for Not my Circus, not my Monkeys
Ed. Helen Hirsch et al.

Not my Circus, not my Monkeys

The Motif of the Circus in Contemporary Art
Originating in late 18th-century London, the circus and its ring represent an antithesis to everyday life. The deliberate staging of beautiful make-believe and breathtaking acrobatics has long been a source of great fascination. At the same time, this world of illusions is fraught with social controversy and criticism, which international artists and leading experts address.
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Cover for Stephan Huber
Ed. Petra Giloy-Hirtz et al.

Stephan Huber

Gran Paradiso
Beauty, terror, grandeur, awe – the mountain world has always fascinated people. Stephan Huber climbs the snow-covered summits in miniature. In his sculptures he imitates the relief of the mountains and creates object-like works with a theatrical flair. This comprehensive volume reproduces the Alpine cosmos in the powerful images which have been the focus of Huber’s work for more than four decades.  
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