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Cover for Maiolica in Renaissance Venice
Ed. Karine Tsoumis

Maiolica in Renaissance Venice

Ceramics and Luxury at the Crossroads
"Global Luxury in Renaissance Venice" offers an unprecedented exploration of maiolica in the Serenissima set in a vibrant context of hybridity and exchange. Versatile and receptive to all forms of decoration, the medium of maiolica offers a unique point of entry into Venice’s material world as it was shaped by Mediterranean trade and local luxury production.
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Cover for James Loeb
Ed. Hermann Mayer et al.

James Loeb

Sammler und Mäzen in München, Murnau und weltweit / Collector and Patron in Munich, Murnau and Beyond
James Loeb (1867–1933), the son of a German-Jewish banker in New York, followed his artistic and art historical inclinations and used his tremendous financial wealth for the purpose of cultural and social philanthropism. This publication examines the patron’s life and work and outlines his scholarly achievements.
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Cover for Energy Overlays
Ed. Robert Ferry et al.

Energy Overlays

Land Art Generator Initiative
Energy Overlays provides a glimpse into our post-carbon future where energy infrastructure is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our cities as works of public art. Fifty designs use a variety of renewable energy technologies to arrive at innovative site-specific solutions. Power plants of the future will be the perfect place to have a picnic!
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Cover for Shadows of Time
Ed. Stephan Koja et al.

Shadows of Time

Giambologna, Michelangelo and the Medici Chapel
Giambologna (1529–1606) is regarded as the most important European sculptor between Michelangelo and Bernini. How did he achieve this status? This volume investigates this question and examines above all Giambologna’s study of Michelangelo, his all-powerful role model, and how he successfully prevailed.   
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Cover for The Chasuble of Thomas Becket: A Biography
The so-called chasuble of Thomas Becket (1118–1170) is one of the most magnificent medieval textiles in the Mediterranean region. Richly decorated with ornaments, fabulous animals and figures in lavish gold embroidery with Arabic inscriptions, this precious liturgical garment provides impressive proof of the re-utilisation of the Islamic arts in the Christian world.
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Cover for 3.5 Square Meters:
Ed. Maya Vinitsky

3.5 Square Meters

Constructive Responses to Natural Disasters
Natural disasters and their consequences dominate the news almost on a daily basis. Quick-impact preventive and aid measures are essential for the victims to survive. This volume presents a selection of projects which demonstrate impressively how both cutting-edge technology and locally available materials and resources can be used for this purpose.  
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Cover for Short Exhibition Guide: The Luthereffect
Ed. Deutsches Historisches Museum

Short Exhibition Guide: The Luthereffect

Protestantism - 500 Years in the World
In addition to the accompanying book we shall also be publishing a short guide which spotlights the five chapters of the exhibition and presents their most important exhibits: The Reformations of the 16th Century; The Development of a Lutheran State Church in Sweden 1500–1750; The Diversity of Protestantism in the United States 1600–1900; and Encounters and Dialog in Present-Day South Korea and Tanzania.  
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Cover for The Power of Line
Ed. Marzia Faietti et al.
In many cultures lines take centre stage in art and science, in writing, drawing and construction. This publication explores the fascination and power of the phenomenon of the line from the point of view of various academic disciplines ranging from the history of art to philosophy and the history of science.
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Cover for Living complex
Niklas Maak

Living Complex

From Zombie City to the New Communal
Approximately one billion units of accommodation will need to be built worldwide over the course of the next twenty years. Houses as we know them today will no longer be economically or ecologically affordable in the future. How, then, should these dwellings look? The author introduces international examples that also stand for a new architectural outlook.
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Cover for The Roman Crucible
Julian Gardner

The Roman Crucible

The Artistic Patronage of the Papacy 1198 - 1304 Römische Forschungen der Bibliotheca Hertziana, Band 33
This book gathers 13th century art commissioned by Roman popes and cardinals and provides a remarkable insight into the sociology of late medieval artistic practice. It traces how the church's governing body, the Roman Curia, imported art works from Europe to the Latium region and illustrates their enormous impact on Roman culture.
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