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Cover for The Library
 The first publication devoted to Herzog & de Meuron’s iconic National Library of Israel
60,00 $ [US]
This book is currently not available.
  Not yet available,
released on 11/2024
  Not yet available,
released on 11/2024

Contributions by H. Rothschild, I. Bruno, S. Y. Agnon, A. Bar-Levav, H. Be’er, M. Buber, L. Jorge, E. Keret, S. Sebag Montefiore, A. Nafisi, S. Orlean, H. Pedaya, D. Rabinyan, S. Schama, M. Shalev, D. Sudjic, R. Ukeles, O. Weinberg, L. Zalmanson

Design: Noa Schwartz Graphic novella: Rutu Modan Paintings: Zoya Cherkassky Photography: A. Hay, E. Singalovski, A. Shaar-Yashuv
Text: Arabic
360 pages, 200 colour illustrations
23 × 28 cm, 9 × 11 in., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-7774-4324-9
Architecture, 21st century
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