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Cover for Re-Connect
Ed. Marcus Andrew Hurttig et al.


Kunst und Kampf im Bruderland - Art and Conflict in Brotherland
The creation of transnational art has become a matter of course in our globalised world. But what did the art produced by migrants in East Germany look like? The publication throws light on topics such as the cultural diplomacy of the GDR and its effects, the working conditions of contract workers and the taboo subject of racism.
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Cover for Imi Knoebel
Ed. Karsten Löckemann
Imi Knoebel (b. 1940) is regarded as a master of non-representational art. The monograph accompanying the retrospective in the Sammlung Goetz shows the entire spectrum of his creative artistic work from the 1960s until the present day. There is a particular focus on the connections between form and content within his works.
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Cover for Monuments and Myths
Ed. Andrew Eschelbacher

Monuments and Myths

The America of Sculptors Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French
"Monuments and Myths" is the first publication to examine the intersecting careers of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French, the leading American sculptors of the Gilded Age. With rich new thinking and stunning photographs, this catalogue examines the role of America’s most iconic public sculptures in the complex negotiation of national identity.
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Cover for Chakaia Booker
Ed. Alex Gartenfeld et al.

Chakaia Booker

The Observance
"Chakaia Booker: The Observance" is the first comprehensive monograph on this important yet understudied American artist. Illuminating more than three decades of Booker’s practice, the publication explores her signature form – monumental works made of rubber – while showcasing her innovations across mediums including photography, painting, and prints.
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Cover for Kinship
new ebook
Dorothy Moss et al.


Recent events have pushed artists to visualize ideas of closeness in a new light. "Kinship", published on the occasion of the National Portrait Gallery’s next “Portraiture Now” exhibition, features the work of eight leading contemporary artists who explore familial relationships through photography, painting, sculpture and performance.
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Cover for Imagining Sculpture
Stanley Abe

Imagining Sculpture

A Short Conjectural History
Sculpture is just a word, an English word, which elicits an image in the mind’s eye. Sculpture is a European idea. In China, on the other hand, statues, stele, and other figural objects were made for millennia without being thought of as Sculpture. There was no Sculpture in China. "Imagining Sculpture" is the story of this something that did not exist.
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Cover for Johann Gottfried Schadow
Ed. Yvette Deseyve

Johann Gottfried Schadow

Embracing Forms
Johann Gottfried Schadow’s "Princess group" has gone down in the annals of art history. As the first statue of two female historical personalities it testifies to the innovation, enormous artistry and productivity of sculpture workshops in the 19th century – a symbol of the important sculpture of German Classicism.
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Cover for One Site - One Space - One Work
Ed. Synagoge Stommeln - Stadt Pulheim

One Site - One Space - One Work

30 Years of Art Projects in Stommeln Synagogue
In 1991, the town of Pulheim initiated the Stommeln Synagogue art project, a permanent process of examination of this historically significant location. Since then it has continued to make a contribution to a culture of remembrance. A wide-ranging overview of remarkable works is being assembled on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the synagogue.
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Cover for Der Mucha
Ed. Susanne Gaensheimer et al.

Reinhard Mucha

An Initial Suspicion
… For me, things only become interesting when they contain some mysterious corner somewhere which continues to elude us. And so I am really rather sorry that Mucha was not included, because he is formally incredibly good and is nonetheless twice or three times as unfathomable. Harald Szeemann, “Zeitinvestition zu knapp”, in: Kunstforum International, vol. 90 (documenta 8: Kunst auf dem Prüfstand), July–September 1987
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Cover for STOA169
Ed. Franziska Leuthäußer et al.


The Artist Columned Hall
A hall of art surrounded by nature, supported by 121 individually designed pillars created by famous artists from all over the world: Bernd Zimmer has been pursuing this idea and its realization for over 30 years. The volume is lavishly illustrated and documents its creation, showing all the artists’ pillars in detailed individual photos.
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