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Cover for  Form and Light
Yigal Gawze
form and light
Form and Light is a photographic exhibition depicting Tel Aviv's "Bauhaus" architecture of the 1930s. The work captures the spirit of the "White City" – designated by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. It is based on Yigal Gawze’s photographic series fragments of a style. By focusing on the buildings' fragments, the colour photographs examine the local adaptation of the International Style, brought by European educated architects to the shore of the Mediterranean. The sharp perspectives and dynamic compositions that are inherent to this work, echo, in their own way, the avant-garde photography of the 1930's. The use of colour, accentuated by the local light, underscores the attributes of the modernistic architecture and the city it has formed. The work is a tribute to past ideals and present renewal and it conveys the essence of the special encounter that takes place in Tel Aviv – between an architectural style originating in Europe and the Mediterranean glare. On the occasion of the 100 years of the Bauhaus and its influence in the architecture of Tel Aviv's "White City", the Israeli Embassy in Portugal and the EDP Foundation present the exhibition Form and Light by the photographer Yigal Gawze at Power Station Building.
Event information:
07-12-2019 - 09-02-2019
Accompanying publication:
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