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Cover for Shuvinai Ashoona
Ed. Gaetane Verna

Shuvinai Ashoona

Mapping Worlds
Shuvinai Ashoona (*1961) is a third-generation Inuit artist based in Kinngait, Nunavut, Canada. Best known for her highly personal and imaginative iconography, Shuvinai Ashoona’s imagery ranges from closely observed naturalistic scenes of her Arctic home to monstrous  and fantastical visions.
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Cover for Ann Wolff
Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung

Ann Wolff

The Early Drawings - Frühe Zeichnungen (1981-1988)
The German-Swedish artist Ann Wolff is a pioneer of the studio glass movement in Europe. Born in Lübeck in 1937, she has achieved international fame for her sculptures which mainly use the material glass, but she has always drawn as well.This volume now presents a collection based on a selection of sixty hitherto unpublished drawings from the 1980s.
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Cover for Exodus
Esther Shakine


Graphic Novel
EXODUS tells the true story of a Jewish girl from Hungary. After her parents were abducted by the Nazis, she and other orphaned children were forced to shift for themselves amid the total destruction throughout the country. In 1947 she found a place on board the refugee ship Exodus, which was to carry her and over 4,000 Holocaust survivors to Palestine. What followed was a dramatic odyssey lasting for several weeks.
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Cover for Juul Kraijer
Ed. Ina Fuchs et al.

Juul Kraijer

Zweiheit / Twoness
The publication provides an overview of the fascinating work of the contemporary Dutch artist Juul Kraijer. Her monumental drawings, photographs, sculptures and video works sound out and dissolve the boundaries of the human body and show hybrid creatures between animal and human. 
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Cover for Wilhelm Leibl
Marianne von Manstein et al.

Wilhelm Leibl

The Art of Seeing
Wilhelm Leibl (1844–1900) is regarded as one of the most significant portraitists and an important representative of Realism in Europe. With large-format illustrations of 40 paintings and 60 drawings, this volume accompanies the first comprehensive museum exhibition with a focus on portraits and representations of figures to be shown in Switzerland and Austria.
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Cover for Basquiat by Himself
Ed. Dieter Buchhart et al.
The present publication is dedicated to the expressive self-portraits by Jean-Michel Basquiat and covers his lifelong intensive study of the self. In Basquiat’s œuvre the self-portrait, one of the major subjects of art history, occupies a central position that has not been examined to date.
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Cover for Michele Melillo
Ed. Nicole Gnesa
The paintings and drawings of Michele Melillo (*1977) enchant the viewer with their lightness and harmonious colours. Accompanied by an explanatory essay by Veit Ziegelmaier, this comprehensive artist monograph reproduces for the first time works from all work cycles by the young German painter and graphic artist.
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Cover for Modernisms
Ed. Lynn Gumpert


Iranian, Turkish, and Indian Highlights from NYU's Abby Weed Grey Collection
Modernisms explores art from the 1960s and early ’70s from Iran, Turkey, and India via selections from an unparalleled collection at New York University. Featuring new scholar ship and seminal essays, this book also illustrates paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints from these three countries alongside biographical narratives of each Artist.
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Cover for Johannes Itten
Christoph Wagner

Johannes Itten

Catalogue Raisonné Vol. I. Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings. 1907-1938
The Swiss artist Johannes Itten (1888–1967) was not only a pioneering art theorist and a prominent teacher at the Bauhaus, but he also left an extensive and wide-ranging oeuvre which is only known in part today. The lavishly illustrated catalogue raisonné covers comprehensively and presents an appropriate appreciation of the entire range of his artistic oeuvre.
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Cover for King of the Animals
Ed. Philipp Demandt et al.

King of the Animals

Wilhelm Kuhnert and the Image of Africa
Wilhelm Kuhnert was a pioneer. He was one of the first European artists to travel to the largely unexplored savannahs and jungles of the German colonies in North and East Africa. Under hazardous conditions he documented at close quarters the fascinating animal and plant world and then created in his Berlin studio monumental paintings which were much sought-after on the art market.
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